Saturday, November 6, 2010

Picture Book Reviews

I know you all thought I must have fell off the face of the earth, but here I be!!! I have two books I've been holding off on reviewing. One is about Martin Luther King, Jr. It seems more appropriate to look at it in January or February when we are allowed to have the black books front and center in the bookstores. (ouch, no she didn't!! yes I did!!!) The other is a Christmas book so of course December would be a great time to introduce it, however, both books are sitting here on my desk so why not just break all the rules this morning. Who's with me!!!!!!!!!!

Angela Farris Watkins has written a new book on Martin Luther King Jr.. She is writing from a unique perspective since she is his niece. My Uncle Martin's Big Heart is written through the eyes of childhood. Uncles (the good ones) always seem to have a magical quality so can you imagine having Dr. King as your uncle? Ms. Watkins describes Martin Luther King Jr., as a funny, generous man. A man who sometimes fell asleep on the couch with his shoes on which was a big no-no. This book is a great perfectly bite sized tastes of Dr.King for younger kids. IT briefly touches on the big things he did, but I appreciate the little details like him laughing at his niece when she is imitating her mother scolding her. I think especially in our culture our children are being raised to believe that everyone on TV is some sort of god to be worshiped, this book is a sweet reminder that yes there are amazing people out there that do amazing things, but they are still people just like you and me. It is a wonderful glimpse into the private family life of Dr. King. The book briefly touches on some of his accomplishments but mainly focuses on the man as a great, fun uncle.

Young Nina is not sure how this years  
La Nocha Buena(Christmas Eve) will go down. After arriving in Miami from New England, she is shocked to discover the heat. How will Santa ever deal with the heat and where will he land his sleigh? Little does she know that in Cuban homes La Nocha Buena is one of the most exciting nights of the year. For three days Nina helps the women of the family prepare for the big event. Chopping, stirring, dicing and lots of laughing. I love books that expose children to different cultures and traditions. This is certainly a book I will add to my family's Christmas reading list. (We read a Christmas related story every night during Advent.) Great work Antonio Sacre

I promise I will try to get back on the blogging bandwagon. I've neglected you guys so much. Mea Culpe. Until next time.

** Books courtesy of Abrams Books for Young Readers.**


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