Sunday, November 14, 2010

Book Review: Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim

 I'm usually not a fan of essays and short stories. I generally like to sink my teeth into a book and stay with the characters for awhile. However, with my ADHD kicking in lately (just kidding) essays and short stories have been a perfect fit. Thanks to my pal Molly I was able to enjoy
Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris. I'm a little late getting on the Sedaris bandwagon, but he is so funny!!! It was the perfect antidote for my super funky mood lately. It's also cool because Mr.Sedaris is a hometown boy. He grew up about 30 minutes form where I live. I went to high school in Raleigh, his hometown so it is fun to be familiar with some of the places he mentions. Corduroy and Denim is full of essays about his childhood and family. I can only imagine his family must be so proud of him, but also want to beat him up every time a new book comes out. Of course the stories are exaggerated but that is also part of the charm. I'm looking forward to reading a few more of his books over the Thanksgiving holiday. Eat.Read. Sleep. Those are my turkey day plans!!!

On a final note, I'm starting to feel just a little pissy at the Universe. Isn't the rule when God shuts a door he opens a window? Well, let's see he shut the Rutgers door, I didn't get into that and now he has shut the arts council grant door. No grant for me. Bummer!!! Not really sure what my next plan is in terms of writing. I really needed that grant in order to get into the program that would have helped me get to the next level. Because everything in my life is sort of up in the air right now I think my writing is going to have to be put to the side for now.
I'm not in a very creative space right now and definitely feeling discouraged on the writing front. I will continue to read and review books and also try to stay current on the trends in children's literature. So that's my little sad, cold corner of the universe. What's happening in yours? Until next time.