Friday, October 29, 2010


Hey writers, get ready to slap my hand cuz I've been naughty. I haven't written anything, not a sentence not a phrase, not a twinkly shiny word in months. Why you ask? Well because life is really serious and complicated right now. I ask you who are children's book writers, how do you write for kids when you are dealing with very grown up things? I feel like right now I could probably write a really kick-ass novel with deep and dark themes, but a picture book, not so much. Maybe I'm just psyching myself out by saying life is too hard to write right now so I get a pass. I know I need to just GBIC (get butt in chair) but every time I try, Craigslist starts calling me,or I need to update my Netflix queue or log into my latest addiction are some weird groups out there). So how do you make yourself write when you just don't want to? Holla if you feel me!!! Until next time.


Karen Strong said...

I do the same thing you do -- I just chill for awhile. The writing is always waiting for you when you return.

Sometime forcing the writing works but sometimes not. When you're ready, you'll start again.

P.S. - If you need any ninjas or anything to "help" you with any problems, I can send one up to your house. Ha.

jeannine said...

Totally need a ninja!!!!

MissAttitude said...

I'm not a writer but I would suggest that you stop feeling ugilty for not writing your picture book and start writing that deep novel! Go with what's foremost in your mind.

I dunno, that's what I would probably do :)

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